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26th March 2009

8:56am: eulagy

This is a speech I wrote for my dad’s funeral. I am ok now, and think I can finally post this. The rabbi included it in his eulogy.


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I love you dad. I could not have done this with out

skye_ds, or sineater . I would never have made it threw the week.  loads of things happed but that will come later. happy moments, sad moments, it does not feel like just a week ad 2 days Since he past.  much love for all of my friends.


Current Mood: loved

21st October 2008

4:40pm: Today
well today skye met with terwin3's sister. i hope they did well.
why don't i post i bet some are asking? The reason, i don't know what to talk about.
Current Mood: to home

18th April 2007

12:57pm: starting up the post's once more
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Current Mood: angry

23rd December 2005

6:55pm: have you ever said FORGET THOSE PEOPLE who just HAPPEN to have your dna relationship? ... well that is me for this crissmass. i spen 5 LONG days 24 hours with them... *shudder* lets just say NO ONE should have that hell. i know people have worse fammly's then mine but mine is pretty insane. skye_ds ask if i wanted to go with her, but i did not want to impose and some one had to take care of the horses. also you all know i put my foot in my mouth ;). i just did not want to intrude. so this x-mas i am alone with all of you guys whom have my im's. :D so if you get sick of your family just IM me

15th November 2005

7:49pm: quiz
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11th October 2005

6:23pm: quiz
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1st September 2005

10:06pm: batterys suck
you know i was missed skye_ds so i picked my phone and DEAD. :*(. i was so frustrated :/ i miss her so much... it is the first thursday i dont get to tuch and or pet her in SOOO long. and now i could not even her voice.

i love you skye, and i can't wait to see you tommrow (or today when ever you check the boards).

on other notes. i like my teaches just not my schedual ((most ppl know just leting the few who dont)). the main thing is that i don't get fridays off .. .but that is how it gose. it is actuly more like real life.

end ramble
Current Mood: lonely

7th July 2005

11:30am: do you think this is right?
Your IQ Is 100

Your Logical Intelligence is Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Average
Your General Knowledge is Above Average

29th June 2005

2:36pm: found somethign cool
i have been reading sherlock homes with sayz me i got the book from Project Gutenberg have fun
Current Mood: rejuvenated

24th June 2005

5:11pm: treckie quiz
what do you think correct or not?
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14th June 2005

10:36am: i know a lot of ppl are talking about it so here is my 2 cents ..
ok folks this dose NOT mean i agree or disagree with the verdict i like sineater view's on it. plain and simple he was trapped. i don't watch/pay homage to the rantings of the media, on this subject. my reason is i don't like him, and it is not worth my time.

also i think that everything in the trial could and probably has been skewed to one way or the other. i know it is a little paranoid of me, but hell you have the government looking on maybe squeezing mj for a lot of money, and on the other side a rich recluse... um... ya... now ppl will say he "bought his innocence", but the same ppl would be saying if it was flipped "the government was just persecuting him because of his status

13th June 2005

9:11pm: new quiz!
Your Lightsaber is Blue

Blue is often associated with depth and stability.
It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom,
confidence, and truth.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla
8:12pm: cool weekend
this weekend was realy cool. we when to a youth acadmiy w/ jubie and chris. pulse my famly eric and skye. we had a grate time although it was hot. on sunday we went to drandmier ((sp?)) and we had a blast with the same group and pluss afterwards we went w/ mike to pick up sonya and eat at sonic. it was a cool weekend

9th June 2005

5:29pm: guess what i got on a test :P

a Knight Captain

You scored 9 Honor, 7 Justice, 5 Adventure, and 2 Individuality!
Some knights follow the orders given them. Some know when to improvise. The second sort are the ones that grow to power, to become leadeers and Knight Captains. Your sense of duty, honor and justice speaks that your name should be amongst their ranks.

Get your squire, your banner, your armor and your sword. You're gonna do just fine

If you liked my test, send it to your friends!

The Cowboy-Ninja-Pirate-Knight Test

Current Mood: chipper

29th April 2005

11:47pm: love and lonilness
i miss skye so much >< and tommrow i get to see her :D i am happy. i lover so much. i am sory about not updating i just am so bizzy. it is close to finals and i need to get things finshed
but summer brings money and time. i am just going to wrok and kinda mently regroup
Current Mood: productive

5th April 2005

7:58pm: hi ... and no i am not dead :P
um... ya ... bizzy ... that's it... ya bizzy.
well enough about the past.
i was just thinking of how much i love my skye ::warm fealing swells over me::.
i am right now at work and whating to go to seep next to her and nuzzle her ::purrs at the thought::

8th March 2005

10:40am: dice quiz
what do you think? right or wrong?
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Current Mood: sleepy

3rd March 2005

10:19am: long time no typeing :P
it has bin a while ... just got kinda bizzy. just was thing and kinda upset that i did not get to talk to skye today :/ ... but to day i get to see her :D i am sooo happy about that. ::nuzzles skye::.

well my life has been good. i am all good w/ my classes and a trying to work ahead so i can have cush space :D. but i am sleepie. dont know why tho got enought sleep. well back of and running :D.
Current Mood: sleepy

17th February 2005

10:50am: the TEST week
what do you get when you add 3 test on top of a normal time of homework back to back?
my week. this week i have bin stressed. i was irritable, save when i was talking to skye ((she calmed me down and soothed my nerves). i think it went well only one more to go at 240 >< wish me luck on my solar system astronomy class. it is about bout the math side of the world ... so wont be TOO bad.
skye always putes me in a good mood **happy thoughts**. **looks at her pic's** she is sooo pretty. i love <3 her. now i go study more in a better mood ((turns from stressed to happy))
Current Mood: was stressed now happy

14th February 2005

8:32pm: and this one too
Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Naturally multi-coloured.
Clothes:Simple, comfortable, everyday clothes.
Powers:Can talk to animals
Special Features:Wolf ears and tail
Sidekick:Small fluffy animal that talks...usually too much.
Attitude:Bouncy one minute, murderous the next. No one knows when you're going to mood-swing next.
Quiz created with MemeGen!
8:06pm: took my one of my first quiz .... thx for getting me hooked :P

there is a mistake w/ it but owell it is cute

If you and your friends were a Superhero Team
LJ Username
Pick a Hat
Type of Chip
What Kind of costume do you have?
After gaining your powers through genetic mutation
You joined forces with bramblekite
and skye_ds
to preserve sunshine and lollipops
as the Painted Crusaders
While Constantly working against the plans of skye_ds
This Quiz by unstablist - Taken 27173 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

that one is from josh .. aka icedragon1543

well anyease it is vallentines day .. me and skye went out on sunday to georgtown meet the HFS. then we rode together and then i paid for johny carino's and i enjoied are romantic dinner w/ arther ((a big blue and gold macaw for those of you how dont knwo)) she looked so pretty and entrancing ::warm fealing for the memorie:: i had such a good day :D. ... well that is all the spelling i wish to be good at ((cant think at the moment from good memorie ))

off to be productave
Current Mood: enthralled

10th February 2005

10:50am: work + home work = good time
right now i am lissing to digital import and coding database stuff why i am getting paide to babby sit ppl doing the same ... o ya if they ever see i am here ((points to the sine over head))i will help them :D but hardly any needs it :D.. it is fun when they do tho becaus i get to help them w/ there problems.
Current Mood: productive

9th February 2005

8:36am: missing his love
today is going to be slow >< i can already tell. going to be about 2 blocks from my love skye and i am trying to plan on a way i can see her. i have still no cell-phone ((no long distance out cuz my parence thing it saves's money >< )) and i miss her greatly. it is normal that i don't see her ... but since i can't even here her it is magnified >< i am soooooo looking forward to thursday about 530 ^.^ i will get to see her and doat on her :D. btw skye ... sorry in advance for the hovering
Current Mood: anxious

8th February 2005

11:29am: the rolercoaster day
do day i found out my alarm clock does not work. ((down 1)) but nothing importand was mised at work :P ((up 1)). then i found out that they did not mail my check ((down 2)) that is ok becasu your soposto pick it up and i did so :D ((up 2))). then i remebered my cellphone is not working ((down 3)) .... waits for up now ;P, and is hopefull
Current Mood: LOL

6th February 2005

10:15pm: today's grate day
to day i helped w/ Skye's rental property and afterwords we went out to eat the 3 of us and we proceeded to sing and have a grate day. we sang the entire hour home :D, i enjoyed watching my pretty skye sing ::warm smile:: i hand so much fun. mostly i was listening to eric and skye because i did not the words and i am not the best singer... but i still tried.. it was fun to have eric sing.
he is a really good singer and i enjoyed the two of them having a grate time singing to Billy Joel.
Current Mood: happy
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